What You Should Plant this Fall

Summer may be coming to end, but autumn is a great time for gardening! Here is a list of some plants that look amazing during the fall.

Flowering Pear Trees are spectacular and have excellent fall color and an exciting spring bloom. Chanticleer Pear and Javelin Pear have it all, beautiful white spring flowers and yellow orange, red and purple fall color. These trees are resistant to Fire Blight and a fast growing, well performing tree in the Fort Collins area.

Sale prince 15 gallon Chanticleer pear for $139.99, 10 gallon Chanticleer pear for $76.99, 7 gallon Javelin pear for $104.99.

Rudbeckia – Wide variety of sizes and colors, Tender perennial or true perennial depending on the variety

Cool Crop Veggies – Get another round of crops this fall! Lettuce, chard, broccoli spinach in individual cell packs and/or small containers

Mums – Plant in the ground or keep in containers to spruce up your outdoor decor, continue blooming even when other plants are on the decline for the season

Pansies – Bright, happy annuals in a large range of colors

Plumbago – Perennial, Ground cover, True blue flower, Foliage turns red in the fall

Aster – Perennial, Long lasting blooms

Hardy Hibiscus – Perennial, “Dinner plate” sized blooms, colors range from dark red to white