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Building Opulent Daybreak

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The ChallengeBackyard Retreat

The middle of town can be a difficult place to build a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In this project, we were tasked with transforming a corner lot backyard into a tranquil, colorful getaway. With roads bordering on two sides of the house, we faced considerable challenges. Not only did we need to provide adequate patio space for lounging, but also sensory elements that would buffer the surrounding obtrusions. Our client also requested that the patio be built flush with the doorjamb which required we build a two-tiered patio with an upper lounge and lower eating area.


The Solution

For the patio and stairs material we installed a multi-piece, textured paver system that had a natural variegated color along with a border stone to accent the area. To complement the pavers, we installed a small block seat wall to provide some vertical separation from the neighbors yard. We planted fragrant lilacs near the patio along with a small bubbling boulder to create sound to drown out passing cars and create a visual block from the road looking in
towards the patio. In addition to these elements, we placed a raised stone garden next to the house to help establish vegetation between the house and patio area. This area was also later used as an edible garden for herbs and veggies that could quickly be accessed during dinner!

As always, maintenance was an issue that needed to be considered. We picked a palate of plants to create layers of seasonal color and view blockage to the streets and neighboring fences while keeping a breathable and open space. We maintained a centralized lawn area in the yard and surrounded it with layers of colorful flowers and deciduous evergreen plants to create a multi-tiered planting design that offers colors and textures throughout the year. This landscape was then finished off with a beautiful low-voltage landscape lighting system. This provides for both safety and beautification in the evening hours. The end result was a broad sweeping outdoor space that focused access centrally to the yard and away from any borders that were near the roads or neighboring property lines.

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