Landscaping a Place of Play

Landscaping allows you to create the paradise you want. To some this may seem like a luxury, but creating a space that allows you to decompress might actually save your life. According to the American Institute of Stress, stress is the root cause for 60% of all illnesses.

Creating a space that caters to your life, spaces for relaxation, children, barbecuing, vacation fantasy, whatever your dreams and needs may be, landscaping can create a tranquil multi-use space in your backyard that allows...


Maintaining Your Landscape this Winter

First things first! Before winter hits, it is important to have your irrigation system blown out. As I am sure you are all too familiar with, Northern Colorado goes through a freezing and thawing period throughout the winter. If water remains inside of your irrigation system, it can expand during the freeze and cause cracks, holes and blowouts which can be costly and time consuming to repair. Contact us about our services during the fall.

How blowing out a sprinkler system works.

During this...



What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping refers to a gardening methodology used to create a cohesive and balanced landscape using low water plant species, native adapted plants, and water saving materials to capitalize on the benefits of an arid climate.

Click here for more information on xeriscaping methodology.

Reasons to Xeriscape

Help environment (save water, nurture wildlife, stabilize ecosystem)

See more information about the benefits of landscaping based on...


7 Tips For Preventing Hardscaping Damage Through The Winter

 While we tend to assume that concrete is indestructible, it is certainly susceptible to snow storms, often leading to splits, cracks and breaks. Unfortunately, ice can easily cause or even widen cracks, deicers can corrode your beautiful concrete surfaces and our handy snow shovels can crack, chip or scrape your outdoor décor.

This year, before the first big snow hits Fort Collins, brush up on your skills to help protect your hardscaping.

Research Your Deicer: When it comes to your...