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What You Should Plant this Fall

Summer may be coming to end, but autumn is a great time for gardening! Here is a list of some plants that look amazing during the fall.

Flowering Pear Trees are spectacular and have excellent fall color and an exciting spring bloom. Chanticleer Pear and Javelin Pear have it all, beautiful white spring flowers and yellow orange, red and purple fall color. These trees are resistant to Fire Blight and a fast growing, well performing tree in the Fort Collins area.

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What to Plant Now and Why

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials!

The ground is warm and much softer than frozen, spring soil. Your plant material will also be less likely to experience heat stress if you plant now rather than in the summer.

The summer heat causes plants to dry out in more ways than one. Apart from needing more water due to evaporation, plants experience transpiration. Transpiration is how trees sweat by releasing vapor through their leaves. Always keep an eye on the weather...


Curb Appeal

When I was very young, my parents often moved from state to state driven by their spirit of adventure. I became very accustomed to house hunting. When we moved to Flagstaff, Arizona,...


Landscaping a Place of Play

Landscaping allows you to create the paradise you want. To some this may seem like a luxury, but creating a space that allows you to decompress might actually save your life. According to the American Institute of Stress, stress is the root cause for 60% of all illnesses.

Creating a space that caters to your life, spaces for relaxation, children, barbecuing, vacation fantasy, whatever your dreams and needs may be, landscaping can create a tranquil multi-use space in your backyard that allows...


Maintaining Your Landscape this Winter

First things first! Before winter hits, it is important to have your irrigation system blown out. As I am sure you are all too familiar with, Northern Colorado goes through a freezing and thawing period throughout the winter. If water remains inside of your irrigation system, it can expand during the freeze and cause cracks, holes and blowouts which can be costly and time consuming to repair. Contact us about our services during the fall.

How blowing out a sprinkler system works.

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